Thank you to Jeffrey Brown instructor at Barrington Park Yoga Group at Police Cove Park for bringing to Tap-in a 66 pounds food donation collected by his students.

November 16th, 2020

Tap-In is pleased to welcome as a community partner, The Illuminated Oven, a wholesale bakery located in East Providence.  Owner Maria Martinez delivered a wonderful collection of Morning Glory muffins, individually packaged and ready to offer our clients.  She assured us there are more of these coming when we need them.

Thank you.

A large delivery of toiletries donated by the Lutheran Church was delivered to Tap-in. 

Thank you

Barrington Times, August 26, 2020

Tap-in has been the recipient of a large number of donated masks, bags of fresh produce, and a huge donation over a period of 6 weeks of fresh bread from Seven Stars Bakery. 

We are grateful to all these donors and know our clients are as well.

Thank you.

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