Tap-in is an all-volunteer agency

Touch A Person In Need



Tap-In was founded in 1983 by a group of six women to provide referrals and information to people in the East Bay. Now, we also provide them food, clothes, furniture, and transport to medical appointments. 



Our mission: Is to improve the quality of life for residents of Rhode Island's East Bay by providing resources to address food insecurity and economic hardship


Tap-in provides direct assistance to residents of Barrington, Bristol, East Providence and Warren. 

Mother and Daughter Love
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*If you want to know more about food 

If for any reason,

you can't come to Tap-in, just ring us at

401 247 1444

and we will bring the food to your door step.

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Now, you can come to Tap-in for food every 2 weeks.

Agora você pode vir ao Tap-in para comida 2 semanas.

Ahora, usted puede venir a Tap-in para comida cada 2 semanas.

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Delivery Services for those in Quarantine: RI Delivers: Call 2-1-1 or (401) 462 4444

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