Tap-in is an all-volunteer agency

Touch A Person In Need



Tap-In was founded in 1983 by a group of six women to provide referrals and information to people in the East Bay. Now, we also provide them food, clothes, furniture, and transport to medical appointments. 



Our mission: Is to improve the quality of life for residents of Rhode Island's East Bay by providing resources to address food insecurity and economic hardship


We provides direct assistance to residents of Barrington, Bristol, East Providence, and Warren. 

                      We are back at: 


Peck Building, 281 County Rd, Barrington.

Monday to Friday: 9 am - 12 pm


Thanksgiving sign-up is starting on October 13th.


Just come in any day. 

Monday to Friday - 9 to 12 pm

If you’ve lost your job, are looking for additional income, or want to take steps to improve your career prospects in the COVID-19 economy, this series is for you.

Project Driveway provides drivers for individuals who need groceries or prescriptions picked up and delivered.

Touch a person in need

Open Monday to Friday: 9 - 12 pm

   400 County Rd, Barrington RI 02806

  Checks can be mailed to: 
Tap-in Inc 
   P.O. Box 252
Barrington RI 02806
401 247 1444