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Tap-In Celebrates Four Decades of Touching Lives and Building Stronger Communities

This year marks a pivotal moment in the history of Tap-In, a non-profit, all-volunteer organization committed to aiding families navigating through difficult times by providing access to essential resources. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Tap-In reflects on its tremendous journey, from its inception by six determined Barrington women to becoming a vital lifeline for over 1,132 households (3,000 individuals) in the East Bay area.

To commemorate this monumental occasion, Tap-In hosted an anniversary event at Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Barrington on Thursday, October 19. A walk through the splendid history of the organization, the event highlighted its significant milestones, evolution, and the unyielding support from the community, volunteers, and generous benefactors.

“Reflecting on these 40 remarkable years, it’s heartwarming to witness the positive impact Tap-In has woven into the community fabric,” remarked Shauna Hyde, Tap-In's President. “Our journey, shaped by selfless volunteers and unwavering support from the community, underlines the powerful spirit of unity and collective action. As we stride into the future, our mission to ‘Touch A Person In Need’ will continue to expand, evolve and serve the most vulnerable in more meaningful ways.”

Navyn Salem, a Barrington resident and the founder and CEO of Edesia, a non-profit that produces specialized foods targeting global malnutrition, graced the occasion as the keynote speaker, providing insightful perspectives on food security and community service. Navyn clearly urged, “Do not accept the world as it is. Do act, fail, repeat. Do not wonder, what if it doesn’t work? Wonder, what if it does! Imagine the possibilities!”

The event was not only a celebration of the past but a heralding of the future. Tap-In re-emphasized its firm commitment to fighting food insecurity in East Bay, as manifested in providing over 87 tons of food in 2022. The organization spotlighted its various programs developed through the years, providing food to families in need twice a month; plus cleaning supplies and toiletries, children’s clothing, backpacks and school supplies, gifts on children’s birthdays; rides to medical appointments; some furniture and the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas Programs.

A proud ovation was given to Tap-In’s consistent progress, particularly its evolution in food assistance — from initiating pantry shelves in 1988, becoming a member agency of the Rhode Island Community Food Bank in 1995, to establishing a shopper's choice system in 2021, and consistently adding fresh, refrigerated, and frozen products to its offerings.

Hyde continued, “Our 40-year legacy is a testament to the efficacy of community engagement. As we pause to celebrate, our resolve is undiminished, and our eyes are focused firmly on the future. Together, we will continue to weave a network of support and nourishment for those in need.”

Tap-In invites and encourages more individuals and organizations to get involved in various ways: through tax-deductible cash donations, in-kind donations of food, houseware items, and children’s clothing; or by volunteering time and resources. Your support and generosity are pivotal in bolstering Tap-In’s endeavors to continue being a crucial resource for needy East Bay families.



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